On this page you can discover how you can track your orders in real time. Once you have made an order, this order will appear in your account section called “Orders”. Here you can check the order status, review the articles you bought, shipping information and prices.

After payement the order status will change from “Pending Payement” to “Processing”. This means that we have received your order and your money but we are working to your order for the shipping.

After the order exit from our industry, the status will change to “Shipped”. This means that your package is hold by the courier and you have to wait that courier contacts you via e-mail or by telephone.

When you will receive your pack the order status will change to “Completed”.

All possible order status are:

  • Pending payment – Order received (unpaid)
  • Failed – Payment failed or was declined (unpaid).
  • Processing – Payment received and stock has been reduced – the order is awaiting fulfillment. All product orders require processing.
  • Shipped – Your pack has been shipped and you have to wait the courier email.
  • Completed – Order fulfilled and complete.
  • On-Hold – Awaiting payment – stock is reduced, but we need to confirm payment.
  • Cancelled – Cancelled by us or the customer.
  • Refunded – Refunded by us.

If you have any  other questions about tracking orders and want to contact us, please fill the form. We will happily answer you as soon as possible.