F&A blog ideas


To develop blog ideas, I think it’s pretty nice following some sections of F&A’s online store, first of all
“Occasion”, offering ideas and tips on “how to dress to...” based on F&A ‘ s collections outfits, including
pics where they were worn by influencers and bloggers.
Some raw ideas:
outfit ideas for vacation
Special night outfit
5 tips to dress chic and be gorgeous for work
 Wedding Guest outfit : 3 dresses to be elegant and and chic
 3 amazing Street style looks
“ *random day of the week* “ favourites: 5 items you need to hit the spot!
 The skirt suit ( I really like F&A’s skirts, I think it’s good dedicate them a blog post or two, to showing
how it’s easy to match them with other tops of the collections or a basic top)
3 amazing jumpsuits you really need to have (also really love F&A’s jumpsuits and this a nice way to show
and to talk about them)
a blog entry with Giulia’s and F&A stories, showing Giulia as an artisan (precious added value to F&A’s
brand)in some pics where she is polishing up a piece from collections.
maybe a blog post to show how to crafted on your own a t-shirt or shirt, in a raw way, like some videos on
I wonder if could be a good idea: not sure in the beginning, because I think we have to establish F&A’s blog
identity as a fashion blog, but in future we could include beauty themed posts ( in association with some
brand) or just good ideas as “home made ways to making a mask for your hair” or “home made face mask”.
I’m talking about homemade ways to do something about beauty section in case we will not have any brand to
collaborate with.
Food posts
Travel posts ( including outfits worn by influencers on their vacations)



Everyday routine could be so boring. But when you have the right outfit everything start to be brighter, even
a Monday morning!
Crop tops are the right way to rock out your day!
Seasonless, practical, layerable and easily wearable, crop tops give to your style a unique, chic and sensual

@olkamashko , @magdamaciejowska and @liberateme.1 wears FILO&ARTE Philippe Crop Top in apricot and white, showing us how to
shine like stars!
Wear Philippe Crop Top with your favourite skinny jeans or your favourite skirt to get an irresistible daily
outfit, and put your heels on to be perfect also for a special night.